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Hello everyone!

This week has been full of exciting new developments for me as I move into the next chapter of life as a weather forecaster and aspiring meteorologist. After moving on from a very fulfilling several years at, I’m now working on a few different projects to keep folks informed as hurricane season ticks on.

You can find my updates on your phone with the Hurricane Tracker App, and on Patreon with Mark Sudduth’s HurricaneTrack project.

So why am I opening up another platform here? One reason is that I’ve gotten some questions inquiring about signing up for my updates via email. The option to have updates emailed to you is one that folks following my ME/NH weather blog seem to have appreciated over the years, and this platform will allow for that capability.

Additionally, my other projects each have a specific audience/ purpose/topic area focus. Info posted on the Hurricane Tracker App is aimed at a more general audience interested in quick updates. Info posted on Mark Sudduth’s page is intended for deeper dives “behind the scenes” to support Mark’s work chasing down and documenting landfalling storms. This page will be a catch-all for commentary and updates about weather not just in the tropics but wherever interesting stuff is happening. 

So if you’re interested in a “classic” blog interface with the option to sign up for updates via email, this is the spot. If you’re interested in a slick mobile interface with updates that are more concise, Hurricane Tracker App is the place to go. If you’re interested in some more behind-the-scenes stuff in support of a really cool hurricane science project, head on over to Mark Sudduth’s page.

Hopefully you will find my updates interesting and informative during periods of active tropical weather and when things are quieter. As always, feel free to reach out with any questions you may have about the weather. I’ll do my very best to get back to you!


Published by Jack Sillin

I’m a third-year atmospheric science student at Cornell University who has been blogging about the weather since 2011. While I’m not officially a meteorologist, I have accumulated a bit of experience forecasting both local weather (in western Maine and New Hampshire) as well as national/international weather during my time writing for and I also have experience programming in Python, teaching concepts in weather forecasting, and communicating forecast information to general audiences.

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