Hi! I’m Jack Sillin and I write about weather.

I’m a third-year atmospheric science student at Cornell University who has been blogging about the weather since 2011. While I’m not officially a meteorologist, I have accumulated a bit of experience forecasting both local weather (in western Maine and New Hampshire) as well as national/international weather during my time writing for weather.us and weathermodels.com. I also have experience programming in Python, teaching concepts in weather forecasting, and communicating forecast information to general audiences.


Weather Forecasting

I have experience forecasting the weather both in detail for small areas and in summary form for larger areas.

Severe Thunderstorm and Snow Forecast
Winter Storm Forecast
Tropical Cyclone Forecast

Visualization in QGIS

Radar Coverage and Demographics
Tracking Spring

Weather Communication

I can distill and communicate complicated forecast information to enable greater understanding of forecast threats among the public.

On Air
FOX News, August 25 2020 – Hurricane Laura
WION TV, September 1, 2019 – Hurricane Dorian
In Writing

Forecast Blogs

Example Client Forecast Excerpt

Media Quotes
Programming in Python
SkewMap tool to see how temperature and moisture change with height in different areas

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