Some musings of a student trying to make sense of our fascinating and complicated atmosphere

A Few Things I’m Interested In

Tropical Cyclone Forecasts

When tropical storms threaten, I break down the forecast so you can understand not just what is most likely to happen, but also what is worth keeping in the back of your mind as a possibility and why the forecast is what it is.

Storm Photography

When not forecasting storms, I enjoy watching and taking pictures of them. This storm was a tornado-warned supercell in northern Virginia in late May 2019. The wall cloud and inflow tail are clearly visible just above the silo and abandoned bulldozer respectively.

Data Visualization

Understanding the forecast means understanding the data we use to predict the weather. During periods of quiet weather, I work on improving my data visualization skills to offer both better forecasts and better communication when it counts.


Through my time at Cornell, I’ve had the opportunity to teach several workshops, labs, and classes on topics ranging from weather forecasting and severe weather preparedness to programming in Python.

About Me

I’m an atmospheric science student at Cornell University interested in forecasting, communicating, and visualizing impactful weather events.

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